Since the launch of the St. Marys Express in 2013, one of the most popular excursions has been the Wild West Express which returns to St. Marys on February 11 and 18, 2017.

The excitement begins on the 10 am train and extends through the last ride at 4 pm both Saturdays with Wild West characters aboard each train and a showdown shoot-out at Frontier Land. Suspicious characters like Widow McCoy roam the train looking for unsuspecting pick pocket victims, but Pappy, the octogenarian Pinkerton detective saves the day.

The dramatic shootouts will be performed by members of the nationally renowned Single Action Shooting Society. Before and after the train rides, passengers will be able to tour the St. Marys Railroad Museum and have photos taken in an authentic 1800s mud wagon stagecoach.

The Wild West Steam Express is the first St. Marys Express excursions of 2017, and entertainment director Barbara Ryan said the Wild West theme was brought back by popular demand.

“This is our fourth year running the Wild West Express, and every year, tickets sell out earlier,” Ryan said. “All ages enjoy the excitement of the Wild West. It’s a real adventure and a great escape from the stresses of modern day life.”

About the entertainment she said. “We’ve found that our passengers love to be a part of all the excitement, so period-dressed characters will engage them on many levels. Some of our cowboys performing in the shootout (with blanks, of course) are champion sharpshooters who have won competitions all over the country.”

“It feels like you’ve really left the area as you go back in time,” Ryan said. “Everybody yearns for simpler times of yesteryear. The Wild West Express is a nostalgic experience and a novelty for many who have never ridden a train. But for everyone, being on a train is simply a time to relax and just live in the moment.”

For the February 11 and 18 events, St. Marys Express has added the popular “AT THE THROTTLE” experience whereby people (16 or older) get to actually run a 1930s steam locomotive.

To ride the WILD WEST EXPRESS open air cars, tickets are $20 for adults and $14 for children 12 and under. Children 2 and under ride free on laps. Rides in the diesel locomotive are available for $50 per person, and the AT THE THROTTLE EXPERIENCE is $150 per person.

Tickets to the Wild West Express must be purchased ahead of time at or by calling 912-200-5235. Groups of ten or more can get a discount code by calling 912-729-1103. AT THE THROTTLE experiences can be reserved by calling 912-729-1103 as well.


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